Seth L. Sanders bio

I’m delighted to say I just became full Professor in the UC Davis Religious Studies department, a forward-thinking program of unusual depth. I am the author or editor of five books including the Invention of Hebrew, winner of the Frank Moore Cross prize from the American Schools of Oriental Research and finalist for the Jewish National Book award, and Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge. I have been awarded fellowships from the Guggenheim foundation and NEH to work on my third monograph, Why We Can’t Read the Torah: The Form of the Pentateuch in Ancient Hebrew Literature. I’ve also been a culture critic writing about things ranging from doom metal to the idea of genetics in Jewish identity, and a talking head on the History Channel’s The Bible Rules series.

Most of my articles are here on I’ve just finished my second single-author book, From Adapa to Enoch: Scribal Culture and Religious Vision in Judea and Babylonia, to press in Siebeck’s epic Text and Studies in Ancient Judaism series. For six years I was editor of the Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions, and I’m now planning a new book series on the key intersections of religion and history in the ancient Near Eastern and biblical worlds.


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